Orthocyclically wound air coils

The Hartu Inductive Component range offers orthocyclically wound air coil.  Orthocyclic winding technology allows a coil to be manufactured with the highest possible number of turns per unit volume.

Orthocyclic coils (bobbin-less coils) are characterised by a high fill factor. A fill factor of over 95% is possible. This allows a high magnetic field to be generated in the smallest possible space.
With this technology, Hartu Inductive Components are able to produce a coil with an extremely compact winding structure. The cross section of an orthocyclic coil resembles a honeycomb. 

An orthocyclically wound coil has windings made from copper wire with a baked enamel coating. The coil is bonded together by heating to form a compact unit.

Hartu Inductive Components also provide the option of a winding structure made from thin copper or aluminium foil with a thickness of 50 microns. To increase the fill factor even further,  Hartu Inductive Components may also have windings of flat or rectangular copper wire. As a result, spaces between the individual turns can be avoided, winding capacitance optimised and the packing density of the copper increased to a maximum value.

Properties of orthocyclic coils have:

 High performance
 Self-supporting structure, no bobbin needed
 Maximum fill factor with minimum dimensions
 Low tolerance for self-inductance and capacitance
 Good heat dissipation
 Homogeneous field strength
 Vibration and shake resistance

In terms of form, coils can be round, oval, square, rectangular or even saddle-shaped.
The option of spraying the coil with epoxy (IP68) under vacuum is also offered.